the farewell performance of the
Krista Parrish Band
live at
Chaplins - The Music Cafe

August 29, 2009
Krista Parrish - guitars voclas
Dennis Parrish - guitars
Steve Murphy - bass
Tom Fleming - drums

also making a short debut this evening,
Krista's new band "Tapestry"
Krista Parrish - multiple guitars, mandolin, vocals
Steve Murphy - bass
  Michael Fazekas -  drums

1. (medley) Easily - WhileYou Play

2. Half Myself

3. When

4. Love's Spell

5. End To Beginning

6. Easier Said Than Done

7. The Dance
Dennis Parrish - solo

8. Skywatching

9. When the Day Is Done With Me

10. Eye to Eye

11. Back Back Back

12. Hola Nino Hermosa

13. Mexico

14. Keep Your Eyes Closed

15. The Ground We Lay On

16. Happy Guitar

17. Put You Away

a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone that ever ventured out to come see us !




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